If you attend one of the Sewing/Quilting Tradeshows, you might have an opportunity to sit in on one of my classes or lectures.

Below are descriptions of some that I am currently offering.

Baby, Oh Baby…!

Got a baby in your life or one on their way?

Of course, you want to make some cute little gifts, but you’re short on time. Come see some quick, cute projects that every baby needs and every new mom will appreciate! I’ll show you how to cut down on the cutting time (and even do assembly-line style) so you can whip these out fast.

Projects will include:

Baby Bib, Burp Pad, Changing Pad, Diaper Bag, Cute Clothes, Baby Quilt, Stuffed Toys, and a Welcome Baby Banner. Plus, you’ll get some tips for sewing with Minky.

Cut Straight; Sew Straight

  • Martelli’s Rotary Cutters & Ergonomics
  • True No Slip Rulers
  • Skinny-Mini’s
  • Templates
  • Fussy Cutting
  • Straight of Grain, Cross Grain, Bias
  • Sewing Straight
  • Jelly Rolls, Charms, Layer Cakes, Fat Quarters – Cut your Own!

Whatever you do, cutting straight and sewing straight will always make what you do better! Whether you’re a quilter, a sewer, a crafter or an embroiderer, we all want accurate cuts and consistent seams.

Come see how your tool choices and a few simple techniques will result in more professional results!

Fussy Cutting without the Fussing!Fussy-Custting-class

If you’ve tried fussy cutting, then you know the results aren’t always what you’d like. Learn to fussy cut squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, circles and strips perfectly, easily – it’s fussy cutting without the fussin’!

How can I fussy cut if I can’t see through the template?


“I’m a Sewer more than a Quilter. Why Do I Need Templates & Rulers?”

Quilters uses templates and rulers.  But sewers – not so much…  If you’re more of a sewer than a quilter then you might not see the value of these tools.

Come see how they:
  • Provide accuracy
  • Speed up the cutting process
  • Allow for assembly line cutting and sewing
  • Cut multiple layers faster & better

Plus, you’ll see lots of projects that can quickly be completed with templates and rulers.  You’ll quickly understand why you’ll want to add these tools to your sewing tool box!

 Going Round in Circles


  • Using Circle Templates
  • Cutting with a Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting with Scissors & Pinking Sheers
  • Cutting Circles with a Turntable
  • Fussy Cutting Circles
  • Projects, Projects!

Cutting perfect circles is hard to do … But oh, the things you can make with them! Learn an easy way to cut perfect circles & see some cool projects to make with them!


SONY DSCQuilt Projects:
Piecing with Circles, Appliqué Circles, Strip Piecing, Reverse Appliqué Circles

Sewing Projects:
Christmas Tree Napkins, Tortilla Warmer, Weighted Yo-Yos, Skirts, Dresses, Pillows

Circle Flowers, Chiffon Flowers, Hair Clips & Headbands, Jewelry, Purses

Christmas Tree Napkins

1. Use a Martelli Circle Template – choose from 10″ – 20″ – smaller will become cocktail napkins.
2. Choose 2 coordinating fabrics; both sides will show.
3. Cut with a rotary cutter, turning the template toward you as you cut. (See video)
4. At the sewing machine pin, clip or use a washable glue stick to hold right sides together.
5. Sew, leaving an opening for turning.
6. Use a chopstick or a turning tool to turn right sides out.
7. Use turning tool and iron to get a nice crisp circle. Tuck in opening area and pin in place.
8. Sew closed the opening with a needle and thread or topstitch all around the completed circle.
(If you have a serger, serge wrong sides together and eliminate the turning process completely.)
9. Fold top down 1/3, then left side in 1/3 and other side back 1/3. Fluff into a nice Christmas Tree shape.

Banish Bad Bindings

Do You Have a Stack of Quilts Waiting to be Bound?  Do you dread the binding process? Are your bindings ‘just good enough’ or downright embarrassing?! See how fast and easy it can be to get perfect mitered corners and beautiful bindings by hand or machine.


  • Cut Straight to Sew Straight
  • Straight of Grain, Cross Grain, Bias or ‘Fake’ Bias?!
  • Starch
  • Sew Straight & Consistently
  • Perfect Mitered Corners*Flat & Full; Sharp & Crisp – No Snouts Allowed!
  • Perfect Bindings:*Full, Chubby, Consistent Bindings*Not Mushy/Gushy, Lumpy/ Bumpy
  • If Stitching in the Ditch: *Stitch IN the Ditch
    *Catch the Binding on the Back
    **Make it Pretty!

What is a ‘gift in a gift’?

It’s that ‘extra’ little something that you create that makes giving cash or a gift card special.

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, someone’s birthday, a get well gift, or you just want to say ‘thanks’ – I’ll show you how to add a personal touch to make it special.

Short on time? Short on money?!

Whip these up in no time. And many can be made out of those scraps you’ve got stashed away.

It doesn’t matter whether the gift is a $5 gift card to their favorite fast food joint, a $25 gift card (for fabric!) or $50 cold, hard cash to splurge on whatever…..

The gift will be remembered because you added that extra touch.

Contact me or 850-449-0259 if you’d like to arrange a class at your location or in Pensacola, Florida!

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