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You may know me, Linda Winner (opposite of loser!)… Maybe you’ve seen me at one of the many trade-shows that I’ve worked over the years. Maybe you’ve seen me demonstrating in the Martelli Booth. Maybe you’ve taken a class or sat in on one of my lectures. Or maybe you recognize me from the Zip Bind System and Stitch in the Ditch Binding Foot videos. Flower-magenta

However you know me – or found me here – welcome to my new website! I’ve been with Martelli Enterprises for 12 years now demonstrating their revolutionary tools. I’m their Education Director and am obsessed with making sure sewers and quilters understand the value of the Get a Grip material. Yes, I know the templates aren’t see-through…! 
But the beauty of these tools is that they don’t need to be see-through!

Once you ‘get it’, have that ‘ah-ha’ moment, then you too will be obsessed with the Get a Grip material. And if you haven’t had that ‘ah-ha’ moment yet, make sure you check out some of the videos where I show you why see-through is no longer important. Or if you ever get a chance to come to one of the trade shows, make sure you come by the booth or take one of my classes so you can ‘get it’!


Linda Winner


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A Bit about Martelli

Martelli is an invention company that focuses on sewing and quilting tools. Their goal has been to make what you’ve been doing better, easier. It’s hard to work for an invention company and not get inspired to create some things on your own. But because I travel, the idea of supporting anything that I create has been a bit of an issue. But Valarie Martelli Webster encouraged me to take the plunge! I created my own line – Winner Designs – and Martelli makes the templates for me right here in Pensacola, Fl. They’re available right here on my website, on Facebook  and some are even available from Nancy’s Notions and individual quilting and sewing shops.”

Get-a-Grip Templates

Over the years, I’ve learned the value of our Get-a-Grip material and how accurate my cuts could be while I cut layers and layers of fabric at a time. My favorite tool, the No Slip Strip Ruler, has created many a project that prior to it, would have either taken lots of time or wouldn’t have been so nice.

But, there are many projects where I knew there could be a better tool that wasn’t available. And just like Donny Deutsch, I’d say to myself, “There’s got to be a better way!”

With Valarie’s encouragement, I decided to go to the drawing board, sketch them out and get these templates made. I now have 17 templates and a few tools, so be sure to check them out!



So, I’m proud to announce the following templates are available!

Round Offs  ~ Small, Medium,  & Large

Round Offs are perfect for ‘rounding off’ all of those project where a corner just won’t do! Or where you just don’t want to add a mitered corner!  Go watch my video…

Tumbler ~ 3.5”, 5″, 7.5″ & 10”

The Tumbler is a really simple, quick block that gives a nice alternative to basic blocks. Plus, there are some really cool projects that you’ll be able to complete with these. Want another size? Just let me know…. Plus, I have a really cute gift bag pattern (coming soon) that features the Tumbler.





Coffee Cozy 

“Starbucks has provided a paper cozy for years but it doesn’t really fit your hand! My coffee cozy is ‘taller’ so all fingers are on the cozy; no more hot or cold pinky & pointer finger!

Half a Hexie ~ 5”, 7 ½”, 10”

Hexagons are in… but they have that dreaded Y seam.  The Half a Hexie eliminates the Y seam completely & offers some really cool, fun things that can be done easier than with a Hexagon.

Box Bag ~

My favorite template! This makes cool boxes (check out the blue jeans box) and a variety of sizes and styles of bags.

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